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Marriage in Covid Times: Where To Start

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You’ve probably been waiting for the big moment in your life that you’re going to marry the person that you love the most. While you just want to walk into the aisle right away, the time today has been quite challenging, especially with the wedding industry.  

Since COVID made its mark in early 2020, planning for big events and getting close to people physically isn’t allowed. Everyone needs to practice social distancing to avoid spreading the virus. With new protocols in place, you just cannot just get married right away like in the pre-pandemic days. With these, you might consider having a COVID wedding where you can invite your closest family members and friends.  

Complete Wedding Requirements 

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Before you start with wedding planning, you should complete all of the requirements needed for a hassle-free wedding. Ideally, you should try to gather all of the required documents within the same day so you wouldn’t have to worry about traveling to different places on different days. Moreover, you should try to see if you can retrieve some of the documents online to save you the hassle.  

To get married, you must:

  • Not be currently married 
  • Not be marrying a close relative 
  • Be at least 18 years old  
  • Know what marriage is, and you voluntarily want to get married 
  • Give notice of intent to get married 
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After you’ve guaranteed that you’ve met all of the requirements, you can now proceed with gathering the required documents, such as proof of not being married and a completed form of intent. Requirements may add depending on which area you’re planning to get married to with your partner. 

Consider Your Wedding Options 

Since Covid is a tough time for everyone, it’ll be challenging to hold a vast ceremony to celebrate your wedding and love each other. However, if you wanted to get married on your special day and cannot wait a day longer, you should consider having your wedding through a courthouse or virtually. 

  • Courthouse Wedding 
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A courthouse wedding or a registry office wedding is a ceremony that will be officiated by a judge or a county or court clerk that can happen in a courthouse or a designated venue of choice.  

With a courthouse wedding, you can save a lot with the expenses as they usually come at a lower price. Some can even offer a package deal where the ceremony and venue are bundled together at a lower price.  

  • Virtual Wedding 

If you plan to avoid physical contact with people you don’t live in with the same household, you should consider having a virtual wedding. A virtual wedding allows the ceremony to happen over the internet. You can choose to have the officiant conduct the wedding separately, or the three of you could join in together with your two witnesses and allow your guests to attend your wedding online. 

With a virtual wedding, you’re limiting your interaction with more people but still allowing them to attend and witness your wedding at the exact moment that it’s happening. Not only that it keeps everyone safe, but it’ll also help you to save plenty of money.  

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Invite Few People 

If you’re planning to invite guests to your courthouse wedding, try to keep the guest list to a minimum. While you might want to have a grand wedding, inviting numerous guests isn’t allowed by any state. The best thing you can do is ask few people, particularly those special and close to you.  

Even if you’ve already invited few people, you should always practice social distancing, especially with people who you haven’t seen for a very long time. You should allow the seating to be one seat apart and avoid activities that’ll require people to be near each other.

Send the Goods Virtually  

When you’re pushing through with your wedding during Covid, you must maximize the use of the internet. You can send your invitations virtually and have your RSVP confirmation done online as well. In this way, not only that you’re avoiding physical contact, but it can also help you save money and be more organized with your guest list.  

If you plan to send out wedding favors, you can have them sent virtually by ordering online and have the store send them out individually. In this way, you can reduce physical contact and allow your guests to enjoy your wedding favors. There are plenty of online businesses that’ll enable you to personalize your wedding package and be able to send them out to your guest for a given fee. 


Getting married during the Covid pandemic can be a tough time to be in, mostly that it affects how you’ll be celebrating your wedding day. While you may want to have a grand wedding, you should be prepared to have a small and intimate wedding instead.  While not many people would get to see how fantastic you look, you should still allow yourself to have a fantastic suit and dress as it’s still an event that you need to cherish.

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