Why is Human Hair Wigs a better choice (than Synthetic Wigs)

human wigs
human wigs

Although most people assume there are only two types of hair wigs, it is not true. There are actually three types of wigs: Human Hair Wigs, Synthetic Wigs, and Heat-friendly synthetic wigs. Everyone who thinks of getting a hair extension is confronted by the choice between these types. Every type has its pros and cons, but the question is which one is better? Or if you are planning to buy a wig, which one should you go for? Synthetic wigs come in a large variety of colors and are easy to wear because they are already styled. Also, Synthetic wigs require no maintenance to keep up, plus they are the least expensive type of wigs. Although Synthetic wigs have their advantages, they won’t be the best choice for you. The type that is superior to all the other types of wigs is Human Hair Wigs.

There are various reasons for that, but the most important one is the look. These wigs give you a natural look and feel because they are made of human hair. They also come in a wide variety of textures like straight, curly, wavy, thick, thin, etc. These textures completely match the look of natural hair, which makes them the best choice for hair extensions.

Another benefit that Human Hair Wigshave over other types of wigs is the versatility. Unlike Synthetic wigs, these wigs can be styled in different styles, such as straightened or curled. They can also be colored just like natural hair. However, they require maintenance regularly. They need to be washed, conditioned to maintain their natural look, but with proper maintenance, these wigs last way longer than Synthetic. They are more durable, softer, and shinier than other types of wigs. Since they are made of human hair, they are more expensive than all the other types of wigs. Although they are adaptable and can be styled, they are not easy to style. A proper stylist is recommended because these wigs can take damage from washing, brushing, or using heating tools.

They are also weather dependent like natural hair. With all the mentioned pros and cons of Human Hair Wigs, they are still the best option if you are planning to get a hair wig or an extension, mainly because of their natural look. You might also find Synthetic wigs that look natural, but they are often very high at cost and, combined with all of their other disadvantages, makes it a less reliable option.

Lace Front Wigs

Since we have already talked about the best choice for hair extension, let’s discuss what types of styles these wigs come in. Brands like Unice provide a variety of options for hair extensions, such as lace front wigs, which is a special type of wig in which the hair are tied to lace by hand. The lace is almost invisible and can not be detected and provides a very natural-looking hairline. The main advantage of lace front wigsis that it gives the wearer a natural hair look, making it impossible to tell if they are wearing a wig that provides a number of realistic styles for your wig like braids and side parts, ponytails, etc. They are versatile and allow you to change and style the front lace part in different ways without affecting the natural hairline.Furthermore, they can also be colored without damaging the hair.

A lace front wigrequires maintenance, and with the proper care, you can wear your wig for more than a year. The traditional way of installing a lace wig on your head is to use glue or tape. However, you should always use the right type of glue designed specifically for lace wigs. You should always test your skin before using any adhesive product to check if your skin is allergic to these types of materials. The newer way of placing a lace wig is to use laces that make the wig fall flat on the head without the use of any adhesive materials.

Headband wigs

These are also another popular choice, with Human Hair wigs. They are considered to be the most comfortable of all the other types. It is made with a material that resembles a headband. Easy to wear, these wigs are proven to be the best solution for complete hair loss. They provide a natural hairline and are very wearer-friendly. Another reason for its popularity is the accessibility.Headband wigsare often very light in weight and do not make the wearer feel sweaty. These are also fitted very accurately because of the adjustable headband, which helps keep hair behind the ears.Moreover, these wigs are less expensive and very durable, making them one of the best choices for hair wigs on budget.

Another advantage these wigs have over other types of wigs is their placing and styling. Traditional wigs require styling on a regular basis, which risks scalp damage and other issues for the wigs. It is also challenging to install a traditional wig on the head because of the use of adhesive materials that can lead to headaches and other health problems. However, Headband wigsare manufacture by sewing human hair on a cap and with a round band on its edge. The headband is usually elastic, which is very comfortable and soft. They are made with Remy hair, which is also called Human Hair. These wigs use no color or bleach in the manufacturing. They are much easier to wear than other hair wigs and can be worn everywhere, whether it is an ordinary day or on a special occasion.

To wear a headband wig, you have to comb your natural hair and shape the front hair in any style you want. Now, put on a hair cap and pull it back depending on how much of the front hair you want to expose, then put on the wig and adjust it to a comfortable position, and you are ready. You can choose your desired headband to put it on the black headband of the wigfor more styling options. No use of glue or tape prevents the itching on the surface of the hair. Just wash your wig in cold water with shampoo, and this will keep the wig in good condition. Easy maintenance, comfortable wearing make these wigs a better choice than other traditional hair wigs.