Ways to style outfits with white sneakers
There are basic necessities almost everyone has but why neglect fashion? The biggest lesson we learned last year was about white sneakers and to be honest, men are nailing it better than anyone else. A pair of basic white sneakers is a must have now for all the guys out there and we definitely believe that age is just a number because it is a style code for every man. The white sneakers have entered our fashion world being a charmer honestly. Here are some ways to give you some snazzy ways to rock it

1. The best way to keep your outfit simple is with a basic t-shirt and jeans. The rolled up denim look seven classy and plain along with the latest favorite white sneakers. Add on the wayfarers for effortless style.

2. Pair ripped jeans with a t-shirt and when will your shirts come for use? Add a checkered shirt over your attire to make it even trendier.

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3. If you are a guy who doesn’t enjoy wearing jeans then you can also opt to club your white sneakers with shorts. Sum it up with a leather belted watch. It is a bit casual but gives a total summer vibe.

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4. Like chinos? This is your chance to get those comfy shoes out of your wardrobe and add it with your chinos. You can opt to go formal with this along with a blazer or go casual with a basic shirt. And hey leather jacket is a good option too.

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5. In winters you can also wear your white sneakers with a bomber jacket and black pants. This outfit is uber cool and no doubt is an attention caller.

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6. You can also add a sporty touch to your outfit by wearing a polo t-shirt. Combine it with a pair of spectacles for some jazzy graze.

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7. Opt for a polo neck t-shirt along with your denim or pants. The white sneakers look quite off-beat with this style. You can try on your sunglasses as well here.

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Image Courtesy- Pinterest.com
With these simple tips, we are sure this style can never go wrong. White sneakers are here to stay with us and will not disappoint to add some style points. It’s said that classics are the best ones to own so why waste it? Let’s make the white sneakers our pledge of fashion.


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