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Top Hat Deli: Your Local Stop for Sushi, Pizza, and More

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Welcome to Top Hat Deli, your local stop for sushi, pizza, and more. We would love to have you come in today! Here at Top Hat, we offer a wide variety of food including deli sandwiches, salads, pizza and so much more! You are sure to find something that suits your tastes. If not we can always customize our menu just for you. No matter what time it is or how hungry you are there is no better place than Top Hat Deli to satiate your appetite.

Pizza: Our signature pies are made with quality ingredients and put together with care. We offer a wide variety of pizzas including hand-tossed, thin crust, deep dish, and more!

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Sandwiches: Made-to-order deli sandwiches that cater to all tastes. From traditional favorites like ham or turkey to unique creations like the Grilled Chicken BLT.

Salads: Our chef has created a wide variety of salads with different tastes, textures, and flavors to suit any appetite. We offer classic favorites like Caesar Salad or healthier options such as the Honey Mustard Chicken salad.

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Soup: A delicious way to warm up from the inside out! From traditional chicken noodle soup to more exotic miso, we have a wide variety of soups that will satisfy your palate.

Eggs: Breakfast just got better! From breakfast burritos and omelets to egg benedicts for lunch or dinner, our chef has perfected the art of scrambled eggs with 12 different combinations including spinach, mushrooms, cheese, and more!

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Favorites: We have our customers’ favorites like pumpkin muffins with a hint of ginger or blackberry tart.

Breakfast: From traditional to Mexican dishes, we offer something for everyone in the morning hours from all-day breakfast tacos to oatmeal to egg sandwiches.

Sushi: We offer sushi rolls including California, Philadelphia, and more.

Pizza: As the name suggests we have pizza as well! From classic combinations like pepperoni to buffalo chicken or pesto cauliflower, there are plenty of options for those looking to indulge in a new type of pie.

Sandwiches: Our sandwiches will take your taste buds on a mouth-watering journey. From the classic to the more adventurous, our sandwich menu is not one to be missed!

Top Hat Deli: Your Local Stop for Sushi, Pizza, and More

At Top Hat Deli we offer a variety of unique dishes to satisfy your taste buds. From breakfast favorites like pumpkin muffins with ginger or blackberry tart to sushi rolls, pizza pies, and sandwiches galore!

We hope you can stop by one day soon to enjoy some of our delicious dishes and desserts in person!

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horseradish dip

our famous BBQ wings

Desserts: The desserts at Top Hat Deli are some of our most popular items.

We offer a variety of desserts to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth: pumpkin muffins, blackberry tarts, and more!

We hope that our blog post inspires you to try something new or take on a new hobby in life!

We offer more than 20 different flavors, from chocolate cherry and apple pie to banana cream pie and key lime cheesecake. But don’t worry, we also offer a variety of sweet but healthier options.

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