Some Interesting Styles To Try


Interested in trying a new style? Check out these different styles of sleeves, dresses, and more that you can wear!

The Single Sleeve: This is an easy way to dress up your look, and it’s also great for warmer weather! The single sleeve can be applied in many different ways. For example, you could wear a breezy top with a faux wrap detail or opt for a flowy blouse paired with cropped pants. We love this style because the single sleeve offers versatility when dressing up any outfit.

Breezy Top: A simple blouse will do just fine- especially if it has sleeves like our Market Square Blouse. Pair it with jeans cut off at the knee or shorts that hit right beneath the waistline of the bottoms so there’s no bunching on either side from the excess fabric during bending and sitting.

Wide Sleeve Knit Top: This style is similar to the elbow sleeve top but it has a wider, more dramatic effect that will balance out curvy figures when paired with fitted bottoms like our Ponte Leggings.

Button Up Shirt/Sleeveless Button-Down Shirt: A button-up shirt or sleeveless version can be worn in two ways- as a dress by pairing high-waisted bottoms with it or tucked into your favorite pair of jeans for an easy daytime look. These styles are both great options because they’re versatile enough to go from day to night without any hassle!

Elbow Sleeve Turtleneck Sweater: The ever-popular turtleneck sweater is a go-to for both day and night. Pair your favorite turtleneck with distressed jeans or black pants to dress up any outfit!

Strapless Dress: The sleeveless, strapless dresses are perfect for days when you want to look chic and sexy but not too dressed up during the warmer months of spring or summer. These styles will create an elongated appearance by showing off your back along with adding curves if needed!

Mermaid Cut Swimsuit: A one-piece swimsuit in either lace (left) or solid material that is designed like a mermaid’s tail is flattering on all body types year-round while also providing coverage where it’s needed most. This style works best on those who have

Lace Bodysuit: The perfect top to wear with leggings, jeans, or shorts during the warmer months for an easy and elegant look that you can adjust according to your personal style preference. Pair this top with sandals for a chic daytime look

Shift Dress: A two-piece dress with sleeves on the top and matching shorts or pants on bottom that is perfect for women who want to show off their shoulders. This style can also be worn as an outfit during colder months by adding tights, boots, and a cardigan!

Velvet Blazer: Wear this long blazer over your favorite summer dress (left) to add more length in order to avoid too much skin exposure while still looking classy enough for any occasion. Another option is wearing it open like a capelet if you don’t plan on being around others often so you have easier access.

Ruffle Neckline Shirtdress: Perfect for working moms! This dress allows for quick access to your little one when you need it most.

Cardigan: A versatile piece that can be paired with anything from a casual tee and jeans combo, to an elegant evening gown! The only rule of thumb is to never wear cardigans open by themselves because they will just look shapeless on the front.

Plus Size Sleeves: There are plenty more options available in plus size clothing stores than there were before. You’re no longer limited to basic pieces like leggings or tunics. Nowadays we have many different styles including skirts, dresses, tops, jackets, etc., all coming in larger sizes.