Steps Taken To Treat Heroin Addiction in a Florida Drug Rehab


Treating any kind of drug addiction will require a combination of approaches. These are medications, therapy, group support, lifestyle changes, etc which any drug rehab in Florida can offer. When you check into drug rehabs in this state, you can avail of both outpatient and inpatient programs. Depending on the severity of the addiction, your doctor will recommend a treatment type.

Given the symptoms of withdrawal, a proper facility for drug detox in Florida is probably best for treatment. This drug is known to have a strong psychological grip on users. This makes inpatient treatment more effective to give an addict the best chance of a complete recovery.

Steps for overcoming heroin addiction-what rehabs in Florida can offer:

  • The first step towards de-addiction is detox. Professionals should monitor this step because they have the right training to supervise and keep a tab on your progress. Heroin withdrawal is quite painful and challenging for an addict. It can last for many weeks during which doctors prescribe medicines to ease the symptoms.
  • Therapy is another important step in heroin treatment. This is targeted at diagnosing underlying behaviors which trigger addiction in an individual. Therapy is meant for tackling even co-occurring disorders such as anxiety and depression.
  • Medications: These will help to wean the addict off heroin slowly. The medicines help cut down cravings and stop addicts from using heroin again. Buprenorphine, for instance, is an opiate stimulating those very brain receptors that get affected because of heroin use. It reduces cravings and eases withdrawal symptoms. Methadone is a much stronger drug comparatively and works almost the same way. It falls in the opioids category and has high addictive potential. It helps in sustaining abstinence in the long-term but can be habit-forming. So, one must use this with caution for heroin addiction.

Types of treatment for heroin addiction:

  • Inpatient rehab: Most heroin addicts have benefitted from this type of treatment. The biggest reason is it helps to keep away the social and emotional triggers which make it more challenging for addicts to stay sober. In a Florida drug rehab, an addict will be made to undergo daily therapy, group activities, and counseling. Rehabs may vary according to activities they provide. Some are more focused on mental health activities while some prefer to encourage physical activities like rock climbing and hiking. Inpatient rehab in alcohol treatment centers in Florida and elsewhere typically last 1-3 months but can be longer.
  • Outpatient rehab: These can be found in various alcohol detox centers in Florida and their facilities will also vary. Many outpatient rehabs will provide group therapy, medication assisted treatment, individual therapy, and psychiatric care. Plans are usually customized according to an individual addict’s needs. Usually, the duration of treatment in an outpatient rehab will be at least 3 months for a successful outcome.

Heroin addiction is hard to fight but it is possible with the help of a good Florida drug rehab. When you sign up for inpatient treatment programs, you can get round-the-clock support and a medically-supervised detox to get better faster. Rehabs are designed to keep addicts safe and as comfortable as they can be. Outpatient rehabs can have satisfactory outcomes when the symptoms are mild. Addicts can avail of medications and counseling while working and continuing with their lives. All in all, rehab is recommended for heroin treatment and long-term sobriety is possible only through ongoing treatment.