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A Christmas In Royal Fashion: Giving a Meaningful Gift

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In A CHRISTMAS IN ROYAL FASHION, PR assistant Kristin (Cindy Busby) longs to prove herself to her boss, Melanie (Meredith Thomas). When Melanie is called out of town before the annual Charity Christmas Fashion Festival, Kristin is left to liaise with the ambassador from the kingdom of Edgemoor, which is co-sponsoring the event. Kristin deftly navigates the ins and outs of Edgemoorian etiquette, but when she is asked to be a part of their royal family for photos in exchange for an international endorsement opportunity, Kristin has a hard time saying no.

The charity event goes off without a hitch until it’s revealed that Melanie is still on vacation. Kristin is left to explain the sponsorship, but it’s not going as planned. She heads for her boss’ office and finds a gift from Melanie — a pair of slippers with an over-the-top designer heel. With renewed confidence, she strides back into the party and announces that she will be there personally representing Melanie to apologize on her behalf. She then gives a short speech about how Melanie is sorry she couldn’t be there today, but she wanted to give Kristin her slippers which represent the way that they work together.

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Kristin’s confidence grows when she realizes that giving an international endorsement opportunity would mean less time spent on this event for her boss who would otherwise have had to step up during Melanie’s absence. This means more time available for other projects like organizing clothes at home or having lunch with friends down by the riverfront just outside town where you can get their best fish sandwich ever!

Kristin is sorry she couldn’t be there today, but she wanted to give Melanie her slippers which represent the way that they work together. The evening ends in style with everyone grinning from ear to ear and as one of the most successful charity events, Edgemoor has seen in years!

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The movie is far from original, the dialogue is full of exposition, and the acting a little hit and miss. But, at its heart, A Christmas in Royal Fashion is well-meaning, with plenty of positive messages. Busby is particularly likable as Kristin, portraying her as an ambitious but sweet young woman who finds herself getting sucked further and further into her deception. The story of a prince falling for someone outside of his social class echoes Cinderella, albeit with a modern spin. Juliana Sada’s performance as Amy, a young girl in the children’s hospital who shows wisdom and empathy that inspires the adults around her, is also reminiscent of Tiny Tim from A Christmas Carol.

Should you see it?

Yes. If you’re looking for a story about love, family, and sacrifice with an interesting twist, this is the movie for you! The film has been rated PG-13.

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Though he was physically very close to his mother (in fact they were sleeping together), Harry felt himself becoming distant from her emotionally during his adolescence – especially as she so often seemed distracted by trying to avoid conflict or ending up “winning” arguments with him that weren’t debates but confrontations of the power play which ended up making him.

However, William’s genius came in other areas too: through keen observation and attention to detail; empathy for others’ feelings; and also in invention.

There are many different types of gifts under the Christmas tree this year, but the most important gift is time.

Kristin Cooper, a talented assistant for a global PR firm, is put in charge of the annual Christmas fashion show and auction for clothing entrepreneur, Mr. Carson. A handsome young royal, Prince Patrick, is dispatched by his father, the King of Edgemoor, to be the face of the family co-sponsored event. Upon his arrival to Beverly Hills, Patrick meets Kristin and is instantly smitten with her, mistakenly thinking she is her boss, Melanie. While Patrick and Kristin spend the Christmas season together in California, she wonders if Patrick would have still fallen for her if he knew she was an assistant and not the boss.

Kristin is a woman on the verge of a life-changing decision, with everything to lose. Kristin will have to choose between following her wish and fulfilling her duty as an assistant or pursuing her dream to become CEO and follow in Melanie’s footsteps.

In the end, she finds that love isn’t always easy but it sure can be worth fighting for – even at Christmas time!

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With everything on the verge of a life-changing decision, Kristin must make a choice. Will she finally pursue what has been dreaming about since childhood? Or will she carry out the wishes of those closest to her heart by honoring their legacy? With so much left undecided, Kristin doesn’t know which way is up anymore…or down. She just knows one thing: Love is never easy, no matter how hard you try.

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