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Exciting Eyewear Trends to Suit Every Man

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Glasses have trends and fashions, just like the clothes and shoes that we wear, and the home décor choices that we make. Where once, glasses were purely functional, nowadays they are very much a fashion accessory. People choose to buy multiple pairs of glasses, to match their outfits and accessories, instead of just a pair to help them see. Even people with perfect vision buy frames with clear lenses to highlight their best facial features and make them look more confident and sophisticated. 

Whether you are looking to add some more eyewear to your collection, or are browsing for your first pair of specs, here’s a look at some of the exciting trends that suit everyone, regardless of face shape, hairstyle, and age. 

Retro Designs

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If we take a look back at eyeglass trends throughout history, we can quickly see that eyewear has changed a lot over the years. From purely functional pieces to help people read, and then later see things more clearly from further away and correct a range of sight issues, to more fashionable choices of the 1900s and 2000s.

Just like clothes, eyewear fashions come back around. The circular frames of the ’60s and ‘70s always look great, for anyone from the car accident lawyer to the professional MMA fighter, and if you want to make a statement, looking back at some famous glasses wearers of the past can give you some great inspiration. 

Black Chunky Frames

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Black is always fashionable, whether it’s a plain black shirt, form-fitting black jeans or trousers, or glasses with chunky black frames. They might be fairly plain, but the geek chic look is very much in, and there’s no better way to pull it off than with some fantastic, black-framed glasses. 

If you’ve got strong features, thicker frames will look great. If your facial features are more delicate, opting for thinner frames can be a better choice. 


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If you want to add sophistication to your look, tortoiseshell frames are always the answer. Tortoiseshell is effortlessly classy and can easily elevate your look. 

Opt for either round or squared tortoiseshell frames to easily look more sophisticated and even smarter.

Fun Arms

Most of the time, the first thing that people will notice is the frames around your lenses. But when you get chatting to someone, or as you pass in profile, their eyes will be drawn to the arms of your glasses, especially if you have short hair. 

Plain black frames look great, but if you want to have a little fun with your specs, find a pair that has more detailing, color, or shape to the arms. Most brands add the logo to the arms of their glasses, but some also add some color and design detail. The best thing is, these details don’t change how the frames sit on your face, so they suit everyone. 

If you wear glasses to improve your sight, you probably wear them all of the time. They become a big part of how you look to the point that many people look totally different when they remove their eyewear. Take the time to try different frames, to find the ones that you love, and that suit your style. 

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