8 rules to follow to get the perfect beard look!

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man, young, person @ Pixabay

Taking care of your looks is very important nowadays. A well-groomed beard is a sign of an elegant man. Whether we are talking about a bushy one or a short well-groomed one, the beard is one of the most fashionable looks that you can flaunt daily. But be aware, keeping your beard clean, neat, and healthy is the key to achieving the perfect beard look. Besides the grooming, there are other things you need to keep in mind, like your diet. Efficient protein intake can help hair strength and health. That’s why supplements like Dymatize ISO 100 can go a long way to help you grow a bold bear. 

As for the groom, here are some tips that will let you have the best beard look. 

1. Experiment a lot

Try many different lengths before deciding which look is right for you! Shaving machines such as Philips, Andis, and Braun come with clippers of various sizes. You can choose the best size that fits your look.

2. Accuracy is the most important thing

Pay attention while cutting the hair. The goal is to get an accurate and clear line. Define edges with blades that provide high-performance precision for any desired style.

3. Keep your shaving machine clean

Keep your razor and scissors clean to avoid skin irritation. It is better to clean the machine with water and alcohol. Many shavers are  100% waterproof, suitable for dry use, and are easy to clean.

4. Make sure to clean your beard regularly

You usually wash your head hair regularly, so why treat your chin differently? Use both shampoo and conditioner a few times per week on your beard to keep it smooth, tangle-free, and healthy-looking.

5. Cut the beard hair when it is dry

Trim and cut hair when it’s dry. Trying to cut wet hair becomes difficult because it sticks to the body. Tighten the skin with your hand before cutting.

6. Long beard care

For a longer beard, apply beard wax to keep it soft. Simply massage the wax onto your beard with both hands, then use a mustache comb to distribute the product evenly across your beard.

7. Determine the area under the jaw

This hair that grows below the jaw area can make the difference between a well-groomed beard and a messy beard. For best results, use a beard trimmer every 2-3 days to ensure your cheek line is defined and neat.

For example, the Braun Multi Grooming Kit provides you with an ultra-fine and controllable hair-cutting comb that will make it easier for you to trim those delicate areas.

8. Maintain the natural appearance of the neck

Some men prefer to trim the beard completely at the neck area. While this style suits some men, others may appear to have a “double chin” when they follow this look. So the easiest way to avoid the appearance of a “double chin” is to stick to the “two-finger” rule, which is to put your two fingers above the throat. Just above the throat, the neckline starts. You can simply trim any hair that is below. To get an elegant and well-groomed beard, you should leave any hair at the bottom of the beard, while you shave the prominent hair at the bottom of the neck.

9. Start with the largest length

If you’re not sure what hair length you want to cut, start with the larger length – so you can cut more later. For example, the Braun Multi Grooming Kit comes with a fine-tuning comb, a long beard comb, as well as fixed combs, all of which provide you with different lengths so that you can try multiple lengths and choose your preferred length.