A Must Try Easy to Make Face Mask

mutzii 70 jz2YpbRw unsplash
mutzii 70 jz2YpbRw unsplash

Lack of sleep, overworking, health problems, stressful situations, all of this can make your skin look dull and tired. Well, you don’t have to worry at all, here is the list of some of the effective face mask recipes that will not only restore your skin but will also make you feel good about your skin appearance.

1. Potato Lemon Mask

If you have a spot or blemishes on your face then this mask is really effective. Within 3 nights you will see the difference in your skin. With this face mask, you will be able to achieve blemish and spot-free skin. To make this mask you need 1 potato and ½ lemon.

How To Make

Blend the potato and put it in a bowl and then gradually add lemon juice to it and mix them together with a spatula until you get a constant mixture.

How To Use

  • Apply the mixture to your face with gentle circular movements.
  • Leave it on your face for 20 minutes and wash it off with water.

2. Neem & Honey Mask

Neem is known to have abundant health benefits. Neem powderon neem leaf powder has antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties that make it the best ingredient to combat acne and acne scars. If you have oily skin then neem and honey mask is the best remedy. This mask will not control the oil production but also rejuvenate your tired-looking skin. To make this mask you need a handful of neem leaves or neem leaves powder, and organic honey. Don’t worry about the organic honey and neem powder price, you can get both the products at HealthKart at pocket-friendly prices.

How To Make

Take 2 tbsp of neem powder, add 1 tbsp of honey and mix it well to get a thick paste. You can adjust the recipe as per your requirement.

How To Use

  • Apply the mixture to your face and neck.
  • Leave it for 30 minutes and rinse it off.

3. Cucumber Facial Mask

Cucumber and egg white mask is a perfect freshener. It is very effective in treating open pores, blemishes, and reduces eye wrinkles. You need 1 cucumber and 1 chicken egg white to make this facial mask.

How To Make

  • Whisk the egg white until you get a foam consistency.
  • Grate the cucumber and make sure to get the 2 spoonfuls of cucumber pulp.
  • Now mix the cucumber pulp to egg white foam, and combine the ingredients well.

How To Use

  • Apply the mix to your face.
  • Leave it for 15 minutes and wash it off.

4. Oatmeal Cacao Mask

If you suffer from oily, dry, acne-prone, sensitive, or aging skin then this mask is the right option for you. To make this mask you need 1/4 cup of honey, 1/3 cup of cacao powder, 2 tbsp of sour cream or heavy cream, and 3 tbsp of oatmeal powder

How To Make

Blend oats in a blender then put all the ingredients into a small bowl and stir the mixture using a spatula or spoon.

How To Use

  • Once the mask is ready, apply it to your face as quickly as possible. Then massage your face gently
  • Leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes (lie down)
  • Wash the mask off