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Beauty Products used by Millionaires

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Beauty products have become unimaginably expensive and high in demand by the millionaires. The millionaires use products that are far from the reach of ordinary people. Even the most miniature product they use has either gold or diamonds in it. A few years back, Guerlain was known to have launched a lipstick tube embellished with emeralds, rubies, 200 diamonds, and 18-carat gold. The lipstick weighed around 2.2 carats and cost about $62,000.

Another example is mascara by H. Couture Beauty, which cost around $14 million, which could never compare to the drug store one. The mascara tube was encrusted with 2500 diamonds of blue color, 1000 crystals of Swarovski, and 18-carat gold. These are the luxuries that, at times, seem to be a bit out of the way for the ordinary person. The good part about the products was that they could be refilled anytime by the companies. However, these luxury products were discontinued as they were beyond the reach of the people. 

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Many other beauty products are costly and only used by millionaires. So let’s have a look at these beauty products!

1. La Prairie Cellular Serum Platinum Rare

La Prairie Cellular Serum is one of the best products available in the market and loved by millionaires. It costs around $805 for just one serum full of platinum. Platinum is a precious and rare metal that helps maintain the electrical balance of the skin and preserves the younger look of the skin. In addition, it restores the lost moisture of the skin and brightens the complexion.

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It contains tensing agents and has so many antioxidants that it leaves your skin brighter and firmer. 

2. RéVive Peau Magnifique Youth Recruit Intensive Neck & Décolletage Sérum

RéVive knows how important it is to care for the neck and skin, especially for celebrities and millionaires. The serum promises remarkable results in just two weeks, but it does cost a massive amount of $900 for just a little serum. You will get four vitals for four weeks. You will be using one each week, and that would help in naturally reviving your skin. It improves the elasticity of the skin and makes the skin firm.

3. Orogold 24K Nano Night Recovery

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Orogold 24K Nano Night Recovery is just the perfect night skincare routine if that’s what you are looking for. It costs around $1200 for just 1.7 ounces of the cream. It consists of essential oils, 24-carat gold which provides hydration and nutrients to the skin. The nano gold has tiny particles which penetrate through the skin very quickly and gives the skin a more radiant complexion. It is an expensive product as compared to its size and amount. Not everyone could afford this luxury, so this makes it even rarer and loved by all the millionaires around the globe. 

4. Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Cure Face Treatment

Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Cure Face Treatment offers intensive treatment for four weeks for around $1550. This accelerates the process of renewal of skin and gives your skin a younger look and feel and a brighter complexion in only 28 days. The millionaires love these products, but it is challenging for the ordinary person to even think of these until you have won an online lottery or someone gifts you it. Each week is associated with a different type of treatment for the skin. It provides firmer skin, reduces wrinkles and fine lines from your skin.

5. Clive Christian Baies Rose Iconic Elixir $2500

Clive Christian Baies Rose Iconic Elixir is one of the most expensive beauty products loved by millionaires. Most of them use it regularly, which leaves them with a fantastic fragrance. This one-ounce bottle costs around $2550, which combines juicy notes of ripe cassis, roses, and exotic yuzu. It belongs to the biggest perfume houses in Britain. It makes use of natural ingredients, which creates an incredible aroma and luxury perfume. The bottle itself is so beautiful that you can keep it for display wherever you like.

These are only a few beauty products that are used and loved by millionaires. There is a whole world of such beauty products and luxuries which are highly expensive and rare. Not everyone could afford these products which explains why they are so rare!

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