What is the Purpose of High Heel Shoes?

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High heel shoes – you either love them or you hate them. Say what you will about high heel shoes, but there’s a reason why these have stayed in style throughout generations. Many people find the pain worth it, but why? This article is all about the purposes of high heel shoes. Looking to purchase a new pair of shoes? Don’t forget to redeem your Carolina Boots coupon code for discounts and deals.

The Purposes of High Heel Shoes

Even though using high heels shoes can be uncomfortable, cause discomfort and are not practical to go place to place, people have chosen and continue to use them until now. Here are some purposes of high heel shoes:

1.   High heel shoes were used to stay in stirrups.

High heel shoes were originally invented for men, specifically horseback riders. In the early 10th century, men used high heel shoes so that it’s easier for them to stay in stirrups. Some aspects of high heel shoes can be seen with riding boots today.

2.   High heel shoes helped with balance.

Believe it or not, but high heel shoes were used to help with balance. Primarily used by male warriors, high heel shoes helped men secure their stance whenever they’d use weapons such as a bow and arrow.

3.   High heel shoes showed wealth, power and distinction.

When men wore high heel shoes, this signified that they’re linked to the high class. Typically worn by wealthy aristocrats, high heels were a dignified sign of wealth, power and distinction. This was mainly because these shoes were not meant for long distances. It showed that you had the capacity to let other people do the work (in this case assisting or carrying from place to place) for you.

Nowadays, women wear high heels to show power, especially in the workplace. Using high heels is typically tied in with a “professional” and “polished” image. Although women are not required to wear high heels, some still choose to do so because it helps them appear more established.

4.   High heel shoes made you look more “attractive”.

Starting the mid-19th century, high heel shoes were associated with women’s appearance. Wearing high heels was a way of presenting a “smaller” foot, accentuating your lines and highlighting your curves whenever you would walk. This reason for wearing high heel shoes is heavily influenced by culture’s idea of “women” and “femininity” which heavily involved the “male gaze”.

5.   High heel shoes “dress up” any outfit.

High heel shoes are mostly used for fashion and style reasons. Although high heels were typically used during formal events and other special occasions, these could actually be used for any occasion. High heels nowadays come in different variations, particularly with heel height, heel width, and whether or not the shoe is closed or open-toed. With high heels, you can elevate any outfit to look more presentable and put-together.

6.   High heel shoes make you feel a certain way.

Despite the discomfort and reputation, people still choose to wear high heels. Why is that? It’s because they like how they feel when they wear them. For some, they wear high heels because of the attention it brings to them. For others, they wear it for the extra height, which they associate to confidence. Wearing high heels is a personal choice that makes them feel good about themselves.