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Tips to Maintain a healthy lifestyle during work from home

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For our future self and the oblivious past, it is a tip from the present self, that does not envy the remote workers. 

In the pre-coronavirus days, workers that were allowed to work from their home once a week or for the whole week were eyed by every work-place employee. 

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Employees had a lot of admiration for work from home routine. This is because they used to think that work from home gives you the leverage to wake up at your desired time, sit in your PJs all day long, and avoid the dreading commute. 

However, the pandemic has got everyone exposed to remote workers’ life and changed their perspective toward work from home life. 

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Work from home is not always about combines. Mostly it is about struggling with connectivity issues, having constant headaches, long working hours, an un-structured working routine, not a private space to work, and more. 

But mostly, it damages employees’ health. 

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The Martec Group surveyed 1,214 respondents across various demographics, seniority levels, and industries to identify how work from home is affecting employees during the pandemic. 

The survey showed that there is a significant decline in mental health across demographics, seniority levels, and industries during work from home. 

Survey also showed that work from home affected employees’ motivation towards work, job salary, and company satisfaction. 

All of this factor is directly damaging the mental and physical health of employees. 

If you are facing similar issues then here are few things you can try to maintain healthy mental and physical health during work from home: 

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Stay your day with a Calming Exercise

Working from home might feel stressful than working in an office. Especially for those who are experiencing it for the first time. 

According to a recent survey on work from home, it was found that 49% of respondents are working from home for the first time in their career. 

This brings us to the unfamiliar with the new work mode. 

Stress, anxiety, and bad mental and physical health now make sense. This is Because people are struggling with a lot of things at one time and also for the first time in their lives. 

Therefore, to start your mind and body to a new and tougher day, you need a calming exercise. 

Therefore, before settling down for work, you should wake up a little early and have a mediation session. 

Just give yourself 15 minutes at the start of your day to make your mind focused and centered. 

If you are not a meditation person, then you can also try some yoga or a good morning walk, whatever suits you. 

Physical and mental activity can boost your mood for the day ahead and also help you in having a better sleep at night. 

Schedule Breaks

One reason why remote working became a pain for most of the employees, is that they do not have a proper working schedule. 

When you were originally from the office, you have a whole routine prepared. 

Your time to check in to your workplace, lunch break, coffee breaks, and off timings were all properly scheduled. 

However, now nothing is working according to the time table. And this is contributing to creating less productivity in remote working. 

This unscheduled-ness always ends up in no-proper break and long working hours. And this eventually damages your mind and also your body, which is continually functioning. 

Therefore, what you need to do is give your mind and body a little break. 

For your mind, you need to watch some TV shows during your lunch break. If you think that streaming something online is an effort, which can be in small breaks and slow internet, you can enjoy some fun watch time o your home TV. 

Also, if you have a cable TV service from Spectrum then you are in for some fun times. Spectrum offers Silver TV packages that give unlimited entertainment that too in affordable means. 

On the other hand, if you want to give your body a physical break, then get up and do some stretching every hour.

Also, you can schedule a 15-min walk once or twice in your day. 

Invest in Furniture

Remote working is here to stay. 

This is the best time to rest in some good work from home furniture if you want to have a good back posture until the pandemic ends. 

Get a comfortable chair to support your lower back and also invest in a desk or desktop that helps you in working. 

Adjust and Adapt

By now, you should start working on things that help you in adjusting and adapting to the work from home culture.  

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