How to Choose Sleepwear

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burgess milner OYYE4g I5ZQ unsplash

Everyone knows how important it is to sleep well and wake up fresh and rest in the morning. It is not for nothing that people have come up with a sleeping culture and various rituals. Women pay special attention to the bedroom environment and try to create a relaxing atmosphere with the help of qualitative bedding and various interior accessories. Nonetheless, the choice of sleepwear is of key importance in this regard. And it is hard to imagine that people knew nothing about nightgowns until the 15th century. They slept in the same clothes they wore during the day. The first peignoirs were used only by noble ladies because they were expensive and not available to everyone. Sleepwear became quite diverse and commonplace only in the 19th century when people began to sleep in pajamas or long nightgowns and put on nightcaps to keep their heads in warmth. Nowadays, people don’t wear a nightcap but like to buy various pajamas, they can find in specialized stores. If you don’t have time because of assignments, use essay pro, and go shopping.

What to choose: a pajama or a nightgown?

Fans of nightgowns can be considered a minority, compared to those who like to sleep in pajamas. Usually, these are representatives of the older generation since they have been used to it since childhood because it was the most affordable option. Modern youth have a much wider choice and fewer stereotypes, so they don’t bother much with what type of sleepwear to choose. 

Nightgowns look very cute, but they are not very comfortable to sleep in. Adults do not toss and turn in dreams as much as children, but even minimal movements can lead to the fact that the twisted nightgown begins to ride up and bring discomfort. That’s why most people prefer pajamas.

When deciding what pajama to choose, you need to decide for what season you need it. Sets consisting of T-shirts and shorts or trousers made of light fabrics can be suitable for the summer season. And when it is cold outside, you should opt for pajamas made of warm dense fabrics not to freeze. Usually, these are suits in the form of trousers and shirts.

Can you sleep without sleepwear?

People have been debating for decades about how much it is necessary to put on clothes while going to bed. And British scientists, researching this issue from a scientific point of view, have concluded that sleep without clothes is better for health. They give the following theory. During sleep, the body must get rid of cortisol, a stress hormone produced during the day under the influence of stress and nervous experiences. This is particularly true for students overwhelmed with tasks, who don’t use, and people who work in big teams. The dressed person does not achieve the level of relaxation required for this in a dream. The body cannot get that it can relax; therefore, the background level of tension remains. A constant excess of cortisol leads to various health issues and sleeping disorders since your nervous system cannot relax. However, don’t treat these statements as the ultimate truth. If you like to sleep in tightly buttoned pajamas, this does not mean that you will get into the hospital with severe neurosis.

Key principles of choosing sleepwear

If you need sleepwear, it is worth understanding what things to pay attention to. Different nuances can spoil the whole impression of sleepwear after the first sleep in it when you wake up exhausted.


Nowadays, home clothes and sleepwear are made from many different fabrics, and often you can run into synthetic materials in the composition. Synthetics may be quality, but the market is full of cheap fabrics. They have numerous disadvantages; for example, you can be allergic to the material itself or its poor-quality dye. No matter how attractive such synthetics look, it is better to avoid such clothes.

Poor hygroscopicity is a common disadvantage of all synthetic fabrics. Thus, synthetic products do not absorb moisture well, making them uncomfortable to sleep in, especially in summer. It is better to opt for products made from natural fabrics. You can choose something made of thin satin, linen, or natural silk, which pleasantly cool the skin in summer. If it is cold outside, choose sleepwear made of warm flannel or fleece.


The size of your sleepwear plays a big role. Don’t flatter yourself, buying a thing one size smaller. It will result in unpleasant consequences: you will not sleep well, feeling uncomfortable in tight pajamas or a shirt. They should be slightly loose. Comfort is crucial here.


Choosing a night outfit for yourself, you should eliminate excessive brightness since it can begin to irritate you over time, preventing you from falling asleep. Things that seem attractive in daylight are not always suitable for the evening when it’s time to go to bed. Too dark shades are depressing and evoke gloomy thoughts. It is better to opt for pajamas in light pastel colors, such as light shades of pink, blue, lilac, and beige. Well, men can choose “masculine” shades, for example, blue, brown, gray with or without an unobtrusive pattern. Pajamas for children can be a little brighter (children like them), but you should still avoid the flashiest shades