Jewelry Guide: 5 Most Efficient Ways to Care for Your Gemstone Jewelry (2023)

Gemstone Jewelry

If you’re fortunate to own precious pieces of gemstone jewelry, you will be well aware of how valuable and delicate they are. It is necessary to take the best care possible and ensure that they maintain their shine and look as new as the day you bought them. Especially if you own rare gemstone ornaments such as Tanzanite jewelry pieces, or loose stones like loose moissanite stones care becomes highly essential as these are irreplaceable items that one can own. 

Are you worried after reading this that you aren’t looking after your gemstone ornaments the way you should? Do not fret. It’s better late than never to learn about the best measures you should take to maintain the shine and appearance of your gemstone jewelry. Here’s a look at a few crucial tips that will help you out. 

5 Efficient Tips to Care for Your Gemstone Ornaments

1. Storing Your Ornaments

Due to the delicate nature of gemstone ornaments, it is necessary that you find a suitable storage accessory that will prevent your valuable piece from getting damaged. If you leave them out on your vanity or tables, there is a risk that you may drop them, which will lead to scratches on the stones. Leaving them outside will also make them prone to dust which can affect the shine of the ornaments. Hence, it is crucial that you find a velvet-layered jewelry box that will protect your gemstone jewelry from such risks and help you maintain them for the foreseeable future. 

2. Repolishing Your Ornaments

Even after storing your jewelry well, there is a chance that these pieces will lose their shine after some time. When this happens, you can get them to be bright and shiny again by getting them polished by a reputed lapidary who has significant experience with different types of gemstones. They will be able to handle your ornaments well and use the best techniques to restore their shine. It will allow you to give the jewelry pieces a chance to look good as new again. 

3. Cleaning Your Gemstone Jewelry

If you wear your ornaments frequently, there is a chance that they’ll accumulate dust and lose their shine. You can conveniently rectify this by giving them a clean with the help of gentle soap water. All you have to do is soak your ornaments in warm soapy water for a few minutes and then wipe them clean after. It will take away all the accumulated dust and restore the previous shine of the gemstones. 

4. Avoid Rough Use

While it’s perfectly alright to wear your gemstone ornaments daily, you have to be mindful of the activities you participate in. If your day involves getting busy with heavy, hands-on tasks, it’s better to avoid wearing these jewelry pieces on such days. This reduces the risk of your ornament getting scratched, getting damaged, and even the possibility of them falling out due to constant movement. It’s preferable to wear your gemstone jewelry on days when you can move about freely and not have too much going on in your day. 

5. Restoring Gems on the Ornaments

If you’re frequent with using your jewelry, there is a risk of the gemstones becoming loose and potentially falling off. In order to avoid something like this from taking place, you can visit your local jeweler and get them fixed and tightened again. They are professional in handling loose gemstones and will be able to rectify the problem conveniently. Once done, you will have your gemstone jewelry looking good as new again and ready for wear. 


Gemstone jewelry is often the most valuable part of your ornament collection. Hence, it becomes necessary to take the best care of it. By paying attention to your storage and being mindful of using the pieces, you can conveniently prevent the risk of your ornaments facing any damage. It will also allow you to increase the lifespan of your gemstone jewelry and keep using the pieces for an extended period of time. 

If you have gemstone ornaments in your jewelry or accessory collection, you can follow these tips to efficiently look after them. You will be able to maintain your jewelry and give them the treasured life they deserve without any hassle. After all, don’t you want to ensure each piece stays beautiful and shiny?