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Sit Back, Relax, and Travel Again: 7 Travel Tips for 2021

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2020 may be over, but the world is still struggling to contain the transmission of the coronavirus. The pandemic has greatly affected our way of travelling. The continuously increasing number of COVID-19 cases has definitely made travelling a nerve-racking experience in the last year. PRC tests, strict travel bans, government approvals, and daily monitoring of the coronavirus cases are among the roadblocks you will encounter if you want to explore other places this year. It may be difficult to acknowledge that travelling will no longer be the same until the virus is fully controlled. 

As countries are slowly easing the travel restrictions this year, people will be more eager to travel after months of being stuck in their homes. Before we look for our next travel destination, we have to make sure to plan it carefully to ensure our safety.

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This post aims to provide you with some helpful, essential tips on how to travel better and safer in 2021.


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Before we start diving into our safety travel tips, there is probably one question that is bugging in everyone’s mind—is it ethical to travel during a pandemic?

Perhaps, you have watched social media influencers travelling maskless and seemingly having no care that the world is fighting an invisible foe that has affected the health of millions of people around the world. This probably has left a bitter taste in your mouth. 

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People are still debating about the pros and cons of travelling during the pandemic. Whatever your reason for travelling, make sure to consider a range of personal, ethical, and environmental circumstances before you go out there. It includes:

  • The pandemic situation in your location and travel destination
  • Government travel advisory or warning in both destinations
  • Travel insurance (make sure you are covered for COVID-19)
  • Your willing to travel responsibly and adhere to the protocols stipulated

The New Normal Tips on How to Travel…AGAIN

If you believe you can travel safely and responsibly without putting your health at risk, then go out and explore the world again. 

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Here are some tips to keep in mind to enjoy a relaxing and safe journey amidst the coronavirus pandemic:

  • Research Before You Travel – Gone are the days where we only research information about our desired destination, hotel, and attractions. Now, it is extremely crucial to assess and understand the COVID-19 situation and the rules and regulations that apply to tourists. Make sure to check with the government, insurance, and the latest health advisory.

Here are some thoughts to consider:

  • Is your home country or intended destination a hotspot for COVID-19?
  • Is there a need to quarantine on arrival at your destination or home country?
  • Are hotels open to foreigners?
  • Are you required to get COVID-19 vaccination before travelling?
  • Do you need a negative PCR test before departing or entering the country?
  • Where can you get PCR tests before and after your trip?
  • What are the necessary documents to obtain when travelling outside the country?
  • Can you obtain insurance that will cover you for the pandemic?
  • Do you have an alternative destination?
  • Be a Responsible Traveller

You have done your research and finally determined it is safe to travel to your desired destination. Now, you should realize that with your decision comes great responsibility of not only keeping yourself safe but also the others. 

Here are tips that will make you a responsible traveller:

  • You need to be tested negative for coronavirus. Most countries will require 2 negative PCR tests (1 for pre-departure and 1 for arrival). Some countries require travellers to quarantine themselves for 10 to 14 days.
  • Follow the safety protocols upon arriving at your destination (wear a mask in public places, wash or sanitize your hands regularly, practice social distancing). 
  • In addition to your cleansing facial essentials and other toiletries, make sure to you have a safety travel kit with you, such as alcohol or hand sanitizer, face mask, and face shield.
  • Choose a transportation operator, like Parkinson rental coach in Toronto, that strictly follows the COVID-19 safety protocols. 
  • Travel locally or avoid popular tourist destinations as much as possible to reduce your risk of being infected.
  • Travelling safely is not all about protecting yourself from the coronavirus. If you are travelling by car, make sure to check its mechanical parts, fluid level, and the health of your new or used tires from St. Catharines. Take your car to an auto shop before you travel so they can determine if your car is fit for travel.

Have a safe and smooth trip by taking the necessary precautions. Don’t leave anything to chance and be prepared to deal with any problems along the way.

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