The Latest Winter Fashion Trends, And How To Get Ahead

tamaki kato 7croK2 BiVQ unsplash
tamaki kato 7croK2 BiVQ unsplash

Fashion trends come and go on a regular basis, but you can always count on some of them to come back around. There are lots of trends that also seem to never go away too, for instance, custom tote bags are something that always seem to pop up. When it comes to winter trends, there are lots of styles that you can go for, and you don’t have to be unfashionable just because you’re wrapped up. So, keep reading and discover the latest winter fashion trends that will help you get ahead! 


You’ve probably seen the whole early 2000s aesthetic trending on TikTok, but it’s also hit the catwalks too. Not all Y2K fashion is something that we want to bring back, but there are certain elements of it that definitely lend itself to being fashionable in the winter. From wearing suede jackets with a fur trim to cushioned Ugg boots to keep your feet warm, you can easily incorporate this trend into your winter wardrobe. Even low rise jeans seem to be creeping their way back in style, so if you’re brave enough to give them a go this winter, you’ll be right on top of the latest trends! 

Slim-Fit Hoods

In the winter, we all just want to be warm. But if you don’t want to compromise on style, then these slim-fit hoods are just the thing for you. These aren’t attached to jackets or anything either and work as an independent accessory. These hoods are able to be worn sleek on your head to ensure that you’re warm, but also look incredibly chic and stylish. They’re also great if you’re having a bad hair day too! 


Normally during the winter, we see a lot of sequins and glitter. But it seems that this year has become all about the fringe. Whether it’s on your favourite jacket or even your party dress, there are endless fringed possibilities to choose from. A simple way to incorporate this trend into your daily looks without it being too much is to go for a sweater with some fringe detail on it. This way, you’ll be nice and warm, yet still bang on trend at the same time. 

Mini Skirts and Tights

Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean that you have to put the mini skirts away! Adding a pair of thick tights can not only keep you warm, but it will also look super stylish. The classic combo of tights and mini skirts has come right back around. Think back to the 1960s models with their cat eye make up or the 90s horror movie “it” girls like Rose McGowan. They all rocked this stunning combo, and it’s definitely the right time for this look to hit the catwalks once again. 

Furry Shoes

Everybody loves their sliders or their Crocs, but when it comes to winter, it can be hard to keep wearing them. However, with the help of faux fur liners or inserts, you can easily transform your summer shoe into a winter one. The liners for Crocs are especially nifty as they help prevent the cold air getting in through the holes like they would normally, and they add a whole new layer of style to them. So, don’t feel as though you have to put them away for a sunny day, and really make the most out of your footwear all year round.

Fashion may be subjective, but there are some styles that look great on everyone. The ones listed above are great for helping you stay on trend but also ahead of everyone else too. So, if you want to look your very best this holiday season, be sure to take these tips on board and really show of your personal style!